This is Demotic, the Drag-and-Drop CMS. Built Around The Gebtu germcore on the Demotic MVC Framework...

Demotic CMS is a small drag-and-drop CMS built around the Gebtu Germ which is in turn built atop the Demotic MVC framework. Simplicity is what makes it stands out. primarily uses MySQL as its database backend and can run on any web host server that has PHP.

We know we could go on-and-on about it but the best you can do is to test it yourself by downloading the latest archive and running it yourself ;-D. more thing... we recommend PHP 7.3 and greater as one of the server requirements.

Inline Editing

Demotic CMS comes with live inline editing out of the box for its pages and blog posts. You only need to setup the page/blog post title in the backend then clicking on the "Edit Content" to edit the page/post using its inline editor.

  • Out-of-the-box widgets include:
  • Images
  • Text with inline editing
  • Videos
  • Custom HTML
  • Forms
  • Headings
  • Image gallery
  • Maps

Additionally, Demotic plugins can define their own drag-and-drop widgets. For example, Demotic's blogging engine enables the Blog List and Blog Post Separator widgets. 


Demotic comes with a blogging engine enabled by default. It allows you to create any number of blogging sections/categories which in turn can be set up as individual blogs on the frontend using its Blog List widget.


Demotic Grid

Demotic's Grid Architecture allows you to quickly create CRUD features for special sections or plugins.

More information will be coming soon on this.


Theming and Theme Development

Demotic comes with Bootstrap 5 CSS, Bulma and Foundation CSS UI kits.

To load the CSS of each of these UI kits you only need to call the special ipAddCss() function with its corresponding string argument of the kit you want to use in the HEAD of your template i.e. ipAddCss('boostrap') to add the internal Bootstrap CSS file, ipAddCss('bulma') to add the internal Bulma CSS file and ipAddCss('foundation') to add the internal Foundation CSS file.

NOTE: You do not need to add Bootstrap JS or JQuery to your themes since these are preloaded by the system for its administration backend and inline editing functioning.


Plugin Development

More information coming soon.



Documentation coming soon.


Installation and Server Requirements

Please see "Getting Started". 

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Demotic CMS 1.2 Released

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