Demotic CMS 1.0 Released

WORKS WITH: PHP >= 7.3, >= 7.4

Demotic 1.0 is now out. This is a refactor from the unreleased 1.1.2 version of Klang CMS. The major improvement in this first release is that it now works on both PHP 7.3 and 7.4. I haven't tested it yet on PHP 8.*. Also, Demotic will now use a new editing toolbar skin: the "Edfu skin".

List of changes implemented in this version:

  1. Bugfixes for Demotic CMS to work with PHP 7.4
  2. Fixes to the Email module. Now you can set up your contact form using the "Form" widget.
  3. Image Gallery widget prints out a responsive layout of 3 columns (remember the "Rules of Three" ;-))
  4. Admin Menu is now closed via a small close button rather than on Javascript's "onmouseleave" to improve admin UX. You'll need to clear your browser cache or invalidate your cache via Demotic's "Cache" section for you to see the change.
  5. Backend UI improvements.
  6. SitemapXML plugin is now enabled during installation by default.
  7. UI fixes to the Admin backend.
  8. Bug fix to the Redirect URL form input. It now detects whether one is in the Blog section or Pages section.
  9. Upgrades to the base Composer components that run Demotic CMS. "container-interop" has now been dropped.
  10. Change version numbering from the 3 letter convention to 2-letter convention i.e. all version numbering will follow "major-version.minor-version". We are also restarting the numbering since moving from Klang CMS.
  11. New "Edfu" editor skin. Stacked the editor toolbar to 4 levels for better UX in a wider range of screens.
  12. Media Repository core module is now available for the administration of uploaded files.
  13. Commas are now stripped off from URIs.

Since this is the first version of Demotic CMS it could be buggy but work is still going on it.

Published: 24th, Sunday, Jul, 2022 Last Modified: 24th, Sunday, Jul, 2022