Demotic CMS 1.1 Is Out!

HI EVERYONE! It's been awhile (close to 5 months) since we releasedΒ  the first version of Demotic. Now Demotic 1.1 is out!

The biggest feature of Demotic 1.1 is the "Users" plugin that comes enabled by default during installation. It creates a admin backend where you can administer users who have signed up to your site. At the moment it just allows user signups, logins and profile pages only but it comes in handy when you create plugins that allow user interactions like e-commerce solutions, forums etc.

The "Users" plugin adds a set of 5 widgets on your toolbar which you can use to add login/signup/profile pages to your pages just like any other content.

Now let's dive in to the rest of the changes that ship with this release...


WORKS WITH: PHP >= 7.3, >= 7.4

  1. "Akrotiri" theme, based on HTMLUP's Verti responsive theme, is now shipped with Demotic CMS. This is just a base theme that shows you how Demotic themes are created.
  2. "Users" plugin is enabled by default during installation. The "Users" plugin allows user registrations, user profiles and logins to your site. You can admin the users from your admin backend by navigating to the "Users" section from the menu. The plugin also adds 5 new widgets to the drag-and-drop admin bar. By default user registration is disabled. To turn on registrations you'll need to go to the "Users" plugin within the "Plugins" section and select "Allow Registrations => 'Yes'".
  3. Minor updates to the Blog widgets.
  4. Minor updates to the Sitemap XML plugin.
  5. Minor updates to the admin widgets toolbar.
  6. EDITOR UPDATES: UX - the editor now resizes depending on the content's height.
  7. EDITOR UPDATES: <BLOCKQUOTE> button and functionality added.
  8. Two new page/blog post functions that return the publish date and last modified dates: ipPageCreatedAt() and ipPageUpdatedAt();
  9. Boolean function ipPageType() added. This function is used to detect the "page type" of the current page loaded; if it's either "page", "post" or none at all.
  10. Updates and fixes to the "Clean" Demotic Bootstrap theme that ships with the software.


NOTE: Before running the update instructions below backup your site's files and database.

  1. Open the "update-1.1.sql" file in the "Updates" folder.
  2. Run the SQL statements as specified.
  3. Copy the "Demotic" framework and replace the one in your installation.
  4. Copy the "Users" plugin to your installation's "Plugin" folder.
  5. Copy and replace the "Blog" plugin in your installation's "Plugin" folder.
  6. Copy and replace the "SitemapXML" plugin in your installation's "Plugin" folder.
  7. Replace the "Clean" theme in your installation folder with the new one. (This step is optional). The updated theme has the new date functions to show you how to print a page/post's "Last Published", "Last Modified" dates.
  8. Copy the "Akrotiri" theme into your installation's "Theme" folder.
  9. Test to see if everything is working right.

If everything is working right then you are good to go!

Happy content creating everyone!

And one more thing: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (2023) to you!

Published: 11th, Sunday, Dec, 2022 Last Modified: 11th, Sunday, Dec, 2022