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Supaduka Real Estate

 Supaduka Real Estate is is the premium real estate listing software for the realtor industry. A web-based system, it comes with Agents, ability to post properties to categories and locations, property types and property features. It is a product well suited for the real estate industry practitioner who would like to showcase their wares (or other agents) online.

Supaduka Real Estate's simple-to-use interface with a secluded administration area to create, edit and delete listings is ideal for anyone who would like to start their property listing website without any technical skill. Each of the properties posted can have a maximum of 8 images thus delivering a fuller experience to the visitor seeking for a property to buy, rent or lease.

Every property posted is attached to an agent. You can details such as a photo, social media profiles and contact information to an agent thus giving a way for a potential lead to contact them.

If you have any suggestions or feature requests feel free to email me at[at][dot]com.

Test Supaduka Real Estate Online

If you would like to test it online before requesting for the development of your real estate website you can use the following details:

Supaduka RE Demo Site: Supaduka Real Estate Demo (unavailable for now)
Admin Login: username - admin, password - admindemo

Supaduka Real Estate: The Ultimate Property Listing Solution for the Realtor Industry.