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Supaduka Ecommerce

Ecommerce is now the hot industry. Obviously many people are looking at selling online so the demand for ecommerce solutions is at an all-time high. Enter Simple Supaduka Ecommerce, an ecommerce script by Tuxedosoft that is aimed at single-vendor ecommerce stores who want something that is easy to use but comes with tech support (yes, Simple Supaduka Ecommerce, is NOT a deploy and forget application; tech support is guaranteed).

Simple Supaduka's Backstory

Initially, like many other developers out there suffering from Schlep Blindness, I was not keenly interested in the ecommerce space. It was that old Internet stuff that everyone did back then but still done today. But this did not stop potential leads and clients from asking if I designed ecommerce websites. A client here. Another client there and... finally I had to give in.

As the name suggests, Simple Supaduka Ecommerce is a simple program meant to get you started selling online with little hustle. It comes with Pesapal Integration so you'll need to have your Pesapal details ready if you want me to develop and design for you your online store. It also has the usuals (shipping, item categories etc). Since it is a start I'll be updating it periodically with new features.

If you have any suggestions or feature requests feel free to email me at[at]tuxedosoft[dot]com .

Test Simple Supaduka Online

If you would like to test it online before requesting for the development of your online store you can use the following details:

Supaduka Demo Site: Supaduka Ecommerce Demo (unavailable for now)
Admin Login: username - admin, password - admindemo
User login: username - user, password - userdemo

Simple Supaduka Ecommerce: Hustle-free Online Stores

Supaduka Real Estate

For the real estate version of Simple Supaduka please see Supaduka Real Estate.